The data are given as ad indication and our Company is entitled to modify the described machines at any time, owing to technical or commercial reasons.

The new Continuous Open Width Washing machine AQUA offers new technical solutions for the wool industry. The most critical problems in the processing of woollen and similar fabrics, have been addressed; the following problems have been especially considered:

Control of fabric tension to avoid stretching

Depth of mechanical effect on fibre and of washing / rinsing with minimum number of units and subsequent reduction in consumption of water and auxiliary products

Crabbing / stabilizing of fabric's interlacing and consequent improved handle

Maximum construction simplification

Process automation

The planning and practical testing at various end-users have lead to the construction of units with special characteristics:

All fabric accompanying rollers are positively controlled. Their large diameter and a short inter-axis between the lower and upper rollers prevent creases and rolling up of selvedges, even when processing notoriously difficult articles.

In every single unit, the use of load cells, connected to new concept vectorial AC motors for foulard control, reduce tensions by up to 30% of normal values.

Special surface profile of accompanying rollers (part. A) produces an increase of liquor penetration and mechanical effect on the fibre with consequent greater washing / rinsing effect on the fabric, more than double compared to units with flat surfaced rollers.

Washing process with fabric outside the liquor giving consequent highly reduced water consumption, thanks also to the counter-current system between the units.

Continuous filtering and re-circulation of the liquor (1500 lt/min) in each single unit by means of a self-cleaning filter / pump / water hopper system. This also happens in the crabbing / stabilizing unit keeping the fabric at pre-set temperature (up to 99C), even when it is above the water level, and it therefore has more stable and rapid crabbing effect.

Easy loading and fabric control and inspection.

Modular contruction adjustable to any type of production requirement.

Application of microprocessors to control working parameters and distribution unit for addition of auxiliary products as required (optional).