It was 1895 when Federico Zonco founded a company for the design and costruction of machinery for the finishing of wool cloths and, some years later, supported by his son Anselmo, he created the sawmill for working the wood needed by the Company itself and by the parallel plant for the production of lags and pins for rag tearing machines. Things have continuously evolved over the last 100 years of activity. After the war, stainless steel gradually replaced wood, and the market extended beyond national borders, becoming first European and then worldwide, thanks to the innovations brought by Federico, Pietro and Placido, grandsons of the founder. The years have passed and, borne along by our desire for continuous self-improvement, we have come to the years 2000 and the management of the Company is already in the hands of the fourth generation: but respect for quality and tradition is the same as it was over 100 years ago.

Just as then, we still do everything we can to raise the technical standards of the sector, and guarantee that our machines have all of the versatility our customers need, by studying and experimenting new technical and constructional solutions. In our machines, there still beats a warm heart of "bongossi", produced just as it was at the time of Federico Zonco (a cabinet - maker of rare ability) and ideal for improving the quality of treated fabrics. Ours is not a job, but a passion that leads us to follow every phase of the production cycle personally and with pleasure, driven by the desire to be always one step ahead of the needs of the market.

Over 100 years after the founding of the Company, we now export about 80% of our production, and we are generally considered throughout the world as one of the highest quality producers of textile machinery. Thanks also to the development of innovative continuous treatment lines, we now have a full range of specialised machines. The use of the most sophisticated electronics has allowed us to consolidate our market position by creating EOLO, a machine capable of satisfying the needs of producers of any type of fibre. But our energy is still not flagging and, after over 100 years, we are looking forward to facing as many with the same enthusiasm and a greater knowledge of the market and its needs.

We have a lot of ideas and projects for the future, above all the knowing use of the wide opportunities offered by electronics for the production of machinery that is self-controlled even during the most delicate phases of the working process. This is only a first step, but it will allow us to extend the initial Eolo project to the construction of machines that can be used indifferently for the processing of all kinds of fibre. Last but not least, we believe that it is essential to establish increasingly closer ties with suppliers and end-users, with the aim of being able to work together more deeply on the development of more precise and timely solutions. These are projects which form an integral part of our history and tradition: projects that will allow us to respect and improve our standards of quality, and continue to demostrate the efforts that we are prepared to make in order to satisfy our customers worldwide.