The data are given as ad indication and our Company is entitled to modify the described machines at any time, owing to technical or commercial reasons.

There is an ever increasing demand for fabrics made of fibre blends, which use a variety of mechanical and chemical finishing techniques to improve the handle, appearance and quality of the fabric. Even on traditional fabrics manufactured from premium fibres the finisher has to use versatile and economic machines which allow full utilization during all the production seasons.

Eolo is the answer for quality and versatility for manufacturers of fabrics of wool/cotton/linen/silk/artificial and synthetic fibres and all the blends, in both woven and knitted form.

The most distinguished feature in EOLO is the fabric transport system (patented), which combines conveyor belts and air. This allows the fabric rope to be transported without subjecting the fabrics to pressure, but at the same time providing a vigorous action on the fibres, without forming folds and creases, guiding the fabric ropes against an adjustable beating surface. Even the most delicate fabrics can be processed at high speeds, both with liquor or dry bath, with the minimum of warp tension.

Eolo therefore overcomes the various limitations which characterize present technical standards and carries out processes which previously had to be done separately in different machines, warranting high economy and productivity in the finishing of any fabric type. Without any specific limitation, Eolo accomplishes all wet (even the traditional high speed scouring in rope form), dry processes and drying process of fabrics with weights varying from 50 gr/ to 1000 gr/
Eolo performs especially well the following processes:

rapid scouring and light milling of woollen fabrics.

breaking and softening of dry fabrics in any fibre.

impregnating with chemical products and drying with softening of fabrics in any fibre.

surface ageing treatments of wet and dry fabrics.

wet and dry fabric crushing and crabbing in drying cycle.

surface treatments on microfibre.

special processes in general.

Loading capacity each channel, from/to 100-400 mt.

Thermal power of heat exchanger 215.000 Kcal./h

Working speed 800 mt/min

Maximum processing temperature 140 C

Total power required 65 KW

Net weight 4000 Kgs